Welcome to my CV!


I am an entrepreneur with a toolbox filled with broad experience from technology, service, and sales - in all positions. Safe within me is humor, energy and long-term perspective embeded.


Today I run a small marketing agency and is looking for both shorter and longer assignments. In the right conditions employment can also be of interest, and then not necessarily full-time because my business also requires its time.


Feel free to look around here and see what figure I am, and please pay a visit to Start@uP via the link above. See you!



V I S I O N to have sold in and run out on my and colleagues' ideas.

G O A L to be responsible for several units, alternativelylarger with complex organization.

S T R A T E G Y develop with the future, in development-willing businesses.



V A L U E S Grown up as the eldest of four brothers in a family whose values and tradition are strongly linked to hard work.

We work hard as employees as entrepreneurs, where I stand for the belief in crossing borders and the strength of

variation. My hallmarks are heart, humor and ideas.



S K I L L S inspire, lead, sales, purchasing, agreements, work environment, supply of goods, exposure, logistics, warehousing, inventory, personnel responsibility / planning, recruitment, establishment, business development, budgeting, accounting, follow-up, accounting,

lecture, hardware / software, and administer everything. Preferably in excel. Driving license: Cars, motorcycles and TAXI.



L EI S U R E   A N D  C O M M I T M E N Ts important: family and daily exercise

D i p l o m a                                                H o n o r s

Boutique of the year -07,08,09                  Revisor Pilhagens kollf.

Vägarnas Bästa -99                                  Stödperson Systembolaget

Best Officer GK KA3 -90                           Vice ordf/sekr. Unionen Lund

Guinnes Book Of Records -84                   Sekr. Stiftsgårdsstyrelsen, Lund

E v e n e m a n g: Nobel -92, Globen invigning -89, Svensk Form 100, etc.



W O R K  E X P E R I E N C E It does'nt take more time to do something properly.

Start@uP, marknadsförare/firmatecknare -12 -

VIC Självkem i Visby, platschef -11 - -12

Helrad Diagnostics, marknadsförare -09 - -11

Systembolaget, butikschef -03- -09

Stiftsgården Åkersberg, CEO -02 - 03

Manner & Matters, konsult/firmateckn. -00 -

Häckeberga Slott, konf- rest.chef -97 - -00

Grythyttans Gästtgivaregård, hov. -92 ... -97

Diös Bygg AB, arbetsledare. -89 - -90

BPA Mellersta AB, kalkylator -86 ... -88

Tofta Strandpensionat, serv. -85 ... -10

E D U C A T I O N means little if you can not think freely.

Örebro Universitet, Restaurangprogramet -spec: Marknadsföring, Ekonomi, Statistik. -92 - -95

CET University, Adelaide -spec: Eonology -94

Åsö Gymnasium, Bygg -spec: Nybyggnad -88 - -89

Säveskolan, 3-årig Teknisk -spec: Konstruktion -85 - -88, samt div. ledarutbildningar.


V O I C E S  A N D  R E F E R E N C E S

"I married you because I love you, and I love you because you are funny." -Nina Gsänger, wife.

“... to a very large extent contributed to the very positive development the business has had during its initial years.

Ola has more than lived up to our expectations and was a strong contributing factor to the business in a short time

received some recognition such as Sweden's Best Table and Vägarnas Bästa ... ”-Wilhelm Tham CEO Häckeberga Slott AB


Robin Ottosson, VIC: 0733- 94 99 67 Malin Andersson, Häckeberga: 0708-74 06 92

Alexander Krohn, Systembolaget: 070-924 04 30 Conny Carlsson; Suderbys: 0733-74 78 60

Emil Abrahamsson, Åkersberg: 070-555 15 82




Ola Gsänger 070-524 46 36

Allégatan 94 ola,gsanger@telia.com

621 51 VISBY www.startaup.nu/cv.html